Submitting to Actual Records:

We welcome submissions of unreleased singles, EPs, or LPs.  We strongly recommend that artists familiarize themselves with our brand before submitting. Submissions that demonstrate overall acceptance within the label will be contacted to set up a posting schedule and promotional campaign.


Guidelines for Submission

We prefer all submissions to be in a Zip or Rar folder along with a document containing information on the release and artist details such as contact and social media links. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable so long as this is indicated on your information sheet.

Due to the increasing volume of submissions, the average response time is a few days at most. Please know that the process of reviewing and responding to all the submissions can be long. We are committed to getting back to you, but we ask for your patience, and that you please do not contact us regarding the status of submissions.

If you need to withdraw a submission, or a partial submission, the best way to do so is through the “Contact Us” section. To withdraw partial submissions, please add a note to your file indicating which piece is being withdrawn.

Please use the “Contact” tab for any questions.